Introducing My Writer’s Voice

The idea about a writer’s voice came to me when I was finishing my last novel, The Return of Elijah. I had difficulty turning off my writer’s voice when I wasn’t writing. There was an internal commentator going on in my head, slicing up life and dishing things out with a unique and cheeky perspective. Literally, I felt as if my writer’s voice had a mind of it’s own as I went about my daily routine.

It dawned on me that there’s a book in the making for a writer’s voice. People aren’t so much inclined to read autobiographies or editorials unless you’ve accomplished something important or even monumental in life. You know what they say about opinions and that often maligned anatomical part of our body; we all have one. It’s tough to prove that our opinion is unique without being mistaken for that anatomical part. However, if we could change it up and, instead of opinion, offer perspective of a cheeky, indignant, or humorous writer’s voice, something worthwhile emerges.

Unfortunately, I’ve come to the conclusion that such a book isn’t in me. Rather, after a month of blogging and struggling to find my true writer’s voice, something else took root for me. I realized that I enjoyed the blog a lot more than I ever imagined I would like it. It also put me in touch with something deeper.

One of the most influential books on my life was Harry Moody’s Five Stages of the Soul. In it, he beautifully weaves together spiritual insights from both Eastern and Western Religious perspectives. Ever since reading it, I’ve been on a journey, trying to integrate my Christian practices (Roman Catholic to be exact) with Eastern perspectives. It has even affected my writing as shown in my novel, The Return of Elijah, and the role the Hindu story of Narada has in it.

Personally, it has not been easy bringing together these two different worlds in a way that respects both without compromising either. To say that it has been a struggle is an understatement. Yet, I truly believe it is essential for the collective advancement of the human race that we all find a way to respect our differences while celebrating the common good that binds us all together. 

Rest assured, my blog isn’t about something as grand as the collective advancement of the human race. Rather, its about the basic struggles that surround a soul, trying to live out the two greatest commandments of love in a world where, as St. Francis of Assisi observed, love is not loved. 

I still plan on dishing things up from the perspective of a writer’s voice. My goal is to serve up a bigger portion, a loaf of bread so to speak, every Monday and then slice things up over the rest of the week. Seeing that I am a connoisseur of French toast, I will also dip it in egg, fry it up, and slather it in gooey, delicious syrup. Segments of “Alcohol and Philosophy Don’t Mix” and “She looked me in the eyes and said…” will make regular appearances on the blog. Also, I love writing novels so I will regularly participate in Flash Fiction or Three Line Tales. Typically, these stories have nothing to do with the overall goal of the blog other than to allow me to exercise my sheer joy of writing.

Oh, I still think there’s a best seller out there for a writer’s voice, slicing up life in a cheeky, cynical, or indignant way. If you’re able to dish up such a prize, just remember to pay it forward to another deserving and unsuspecting soul.

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