Listen to your Soul!

Let’s get real. I’d like to offer some insights into my soul. Before I make such a grand introduction, it might help if I shine light upon the relationship between my writer’s voice and my soul.

Besides being tangental, cynical, and depraved at times, my writer’s voice can also be pompous, self-centered, and arrogant. It likes to think that it’s more important than it really is.

In contrast, my soul is simple and pure. It’s content to walk on the beach, breathe the fresh, morning air, pray, listen to Scripture, talk with Jesus, laugh, and enjoy precious moments when it can just be.

The most important lesson my soul longs to share with everyone is this; Jesus loves you. I know, I’ve sunken to some unimaginable depths in my life. When I’ve brushed myself off from those failings and felt Jesus’ forgiving embrace afterward, I’ve experienced the greatest joy and reassurance anyone can achieve in this lifetime.

Unequivocally, this is the most important insight my soul has and wants to offer. Furthermore, my writer’s voice is in complete accord with the overall goals and objectives of my soul. In fact, I wrote The Liam of God Series—two novels to date—in which this message is at the root of the stories.

So here’s the dilemma. I’ve written some books that were guided by pure intentions that I desperately want people to read. Compounding matters, there are million of other books on Amazon that vie for people’s attention and I’m just one of a million.

Still, I know something in my soul of utmost importance. I’m not alone. There are millions of other artists, poets, singers, songwriters, screenwriters, actors, actresses, authors, fashion experts, designers, and the like who are hoping for a breakthrough.

I would like to offer some advice from the bottom of my soul for those of you in a similar boat as me. You are not alone. Never let anyone convince you that you are just one of a million. Rather, you are one in a million! Your talents, perspectives, expressions, and viewpoints are unique. Always find a way to let them shine through.

If there is one person who knows a thing or two about rejection it’s Jesus. I encourage you to allow Him to guide you through all of the difficulties of being a unique soul in this world. It only works if you put your ego aside—like the workings of a pompous, self-centered, arrogant writer’s voice—and listen to your soul.

(Today’s photo is from the cover of my book The Return of Elijah. It’s of a Knights’ Templar Chapel in Southern France.)


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