Heart of Thine

Come whispers of this heart of mine,
  A passage to The One Divine.
From the breath of life, to vistas so rife;
  Give glimpses of the heart of Thine.

Yet, I once lost such clarity,
  To see ‘the way’ with verity.
The empty gardens of sinners’ pardons;
  Led to hardness o’er charity.

And what about the suffering,
  For some there is no buffering.
Cost of those who fail, fighting tooth and nail;
  Confuses we who are sea fearing.

Still one thing there’s no denying,
  With no praise is better lying.
If to reap our sow, and to sink so low;
  There’s no recourse but for dying.

A listing ship now is righted,
  Soul once lost has been united.
He held back His hand, payment on demand;
  A due sentence unrequited.

Now grant me God serenity,
  Stay near to my proximity.
Keep this heart of mine with Your heart Divine;
   O’er distance of infinity.


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