Blogging and Language Barriers

(Photo from Amsterdam can be Cruel)

I’ve been blogging for 4 weeks now and I’ve found the endeavor to be much more satisfying than I had ever imagined. The part of it that has given me the most satisfaction–not only with blogging but in general–is when I go out on the streets in search of the perfect picture to accompany my day’s blog. Here are a few of my favorite ones:

(Photo from Things Dished up and Served by the Universe)

(Photo from Reflecting Back)

My fiancé thought I was spending my time in The Netherlands learning Dutch. But with 90% of the country speaking damn good English, there’s no real need for me to learn the language. I realize this piece of information shines an unflattering light on a charachter flaw. I let others do the hard work while I sit back and take pictures. Quite honestly, I think the photographs have helped me span the language barrier better than any words could possibly accomplish. Besides, why would I compete with the Dutch who learned English in elementary school? Case in point, my fiancé was eight years old listening to music on the radio in her bedroom when it dawned on her that she understood the English words in the song. She ran downstairs of her home to share the good news with her parents. “I understand the words, I understand them,” she joyously announced. She then burst out in song. “I can’t get no, satisfaction. But I try, and I try, and I try, and I try. But I can’t get no, hey, hey, hey, satisfaction!” 

She swears it is a true story.  Here is a picture of my fiance. Well you can only see the hand of my masterpiece in front of the Monet masterpiece. 

5 thoughts on “Blogging and Language Barriers

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