Yet Another Life Lesson (Flash Fiction)

(Photo copyright Dorothy)

“I feel like I’m regressing,” Cal puffed, struggling to get the bicycle built for two up the hill.

“Sometimes we have to go backwards in life before we make our true strides,” Ken assured him.

“Last weeks kayaking made sense to me but this not so much,” Cal wheezed.

“What are the 3 most important traits I’ve taught you?” Ken asked without the least bit of pedalling from the rear seat.

“Confidence, stamina, and grace,” Cal said, rolling his eyes.

“Last week we built confidence, this week it’s stamina and grace.”

It took all his stamina to get to the top of the hill. There he got a clear view of the lake with pedal swan boats swarming on it. He had a sinking feeling it was their next activity–a life lesson in grace. It was then he regretted having a personal trainer who was also his life coach. (150 words)

(This story is submitted as part of Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers.)

9 thoughts on “Yet Another Life Lesson (Flash Fiction)

  1. Oh, Ahha, I can just imagine Cal all wide eyed as the realisation hits! Really like the concept of this. Sometimes I think I could probably do with a ‘Ken’ – but then again maybe not… 😅

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