Perks of the Job (Flash Fiction)

(Photo: Copyright A Mixed Bag, 2013)

Life as a cop had perks for my wildest imagination…

“I always wanted to do it in phone booth,” Charlene had whispered.

“I know just the place,” I replied.

Her legs strapped across my motorcycle, it was game-on until we arrived at the box.

“Are you crazy,” she screamed.

“It’s okay,” I asssured her. “We have an exhibition at the fair. The box on 7th Street is a demo.”

Her smile said it all. She rushed to the box and opened its doors.

I was surprised when the blue light on top flashed, but my leather jacket easily covered it. Besides, I knew there were no surveillance cameras in the demos.

Our romp dizzied me until we swung open the doors afterward. It was then I saw the sign for 8th Street overhead. My worst fears were confirmed when I realized the word ‘demo’ was nowhere on the box.

People on the force called me ‘Sweet Cheeks’ whenever our paths crossed in my next job at the coffee house.

(Submitted as part of Sunday Photo Fiction for August 13, 2017. The challenge is to write a piece of fiction under 200 words based on the photo prompt.)


15 thoughts on “Perks of the Job (Flash Fiction)

  1. Oops Sorry Didn’t finished my comment before it was posted. It was anything but.. Although to be fair haha, caught in the surveillance camera. Now that’s cheeky.. Haha..


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